The Surrey Poverty Reduction Coalition was formed in 2012 to promote implementation of the Surrey Poverty Reduction Plan (THIS is how we end poverty in Surrey). The Coalition members are committed to:

  • Promote and disseminate THIS is how we end poverty in Surrey – A poverty reduction plan developed by the community
  • Mobilize and inspire government, private sector, non-profit sector and the entire community to take actions to reduce poverty
  • Monitor and measure achievements / progress / outcomes in implementing the Plan

By 2017, SPRC has undertaken a number of projects that address poverty, and supported many local agencies in their work of poverty reduction. Click here to see our Progress Report: SPRC Progress Report 2012-16.

The Surrey Poverty Reduction Coalition is a non-partisan group. Membership of the Coalition consists of representatives from relevant stakeholders including government, business, health services, community service agencies, and population groups impacted by poverty. The Coalition membership has been designed to balance a broad representation of Surrey’s community with the need to be productive and effective.

Key Duties and Responsibilities of the Surrey PRC:

  • Act as ambassadors for THIS is how we end poverty in Surrey by developing an intimate understanding of the Surrey Poverty Reduction Plan and its recommendations
  • Identify work already happening and promote it
  • Continue to provide relevant data and information
  • Oversee process and outcome evaluation of the Surrey Poverty Reduction Plan
  • Serve as a catalyst for the development of new initiatives
  • Plan and organize a series of community forums to communicate the Plan and profile current activities and planned initiatives that address the recommendations of the Plan


Members of Surrey Poverty Reduction Coalition, December 6, 2016
Back row, L to R: Kristen Andrews, Steven Lamothe, Njeri Kontulati, Karen Blackman, Kristin Patten, Steve Dooley, Vera LeFranc, Margaret Mubanda, Joe WoodworthFront row, L to R: Ashleigh Rajala, Alice Sundberg, Meghan Martin, Denise Darrell, Jen McCaffrey, Jacopo Miro, Anne Peterson