What We’re Doing

The Surrey Poverty Reduction Coalition supports and endorses all of the programs, services and programs that aim to reduce poverty in our city. We applaud the hard work of non-profit agencies, local and senior government departments, the private sector and individual citizens who are committed to lifting people out of poverty.

The Surrey PRC also undertakes projects that will raise awareness and understanding of poverty and its effects, build capacity in the community to have an impact on poverty, and directly benefit those living with low incomes. These are the projects we have completed or are currently coordinating:

Poverty Fact Sheets (2012) – based on data from 2006 Census and other sources

Poverty Fact Sheets (2014) – updated data from 2011 Census and other sources: Transportation Fact Sheet; Housing Fact Sheet: Income Fact Sheet: Support Fact Sheet

Poverty Maps (2013)

Poverty Reduction Plan: THIS is how we end poverty in Surrey (2012)

Poverty Dialogue: A community forum on poverty in Surrey (2012)

Let’s Make THIS Happen: A community forum on implementing the Surrey Poverty Reduction Plan (2013)

Keynote by James Hughes

THIS is the Change…: A learning event to enhance collective impact on poverty in Surrey (2015)

Seeing is Believing Tour (2014)

Envision Financial Community Leaders Igniting Change (Cohort 1: 2015; Cohort 2: 2016)

Refugee Loan Petition (2012 – 16)

Housing First Landlord Project (2014 – 16)

Connecting Community to Surrey Youth Leaving Care (2016)